Award Categories

The categories for the Australian Web Awards 2014 are as follows:

  1. Personal
  2. E-commerce
  3. Commercial
  4. Government
  5. Education
  6. Culture & Events
  7. Not for Profit
  8. Innovation
  9. Social Media

You can enter the above Desktop categories and/or your Mobile implementation of the category.

State awards will be given in NSW/ACT, Vic, Tas, Queensland, SA, NT and WA. Awards are only given if judges believe an acceptable standard has been reached.

National finalists will be the winners from each state in each category. The Most Outstanding site will receive the McFarlane Prize, the prize for excellence that began in 2006 at Web Directions, named in honor of Nigel McFarlane.


This is for non-commercial sites – e.g. bloggers, amateur photographers, social causes and musicians. Sites should contain little or no commercial content.   

Sites using stock template designs and off the shelf CMS implementations (Tumblr;, Blogger, Facebook) are perfectly acceptable.

The site is judged on content, not on technology.



This category is for websites whose primary purpose is to sell products online or conduct an interactive transaction online.

User experience and development are important, and credibility plays a role. The issues of trust and the level of fitness of purpose are influenced by the type of security certificates, customisation and shopping cart flow.  

The key component of this category is the user experience in the online transaction system.


Sponsored by Pin Payments.


The Parmia Commercial category is for sites where the primarily goal is providing a service or information of a commercial nature, whether that audience is individuals or  enterprise-level clients.

The core aspect of the site will not transactions or e-commerce but on selling the service or product, hence visual design, content and user experience are important.



This category is for government websites or wholly government-funded programs. 

User experience and content are important criteria in this category.  Government has shown leadership in the accessibility area and we would expect the winning site to meet or near WCAG 2.0 Level AA standards.


Media Access Australia sponsors this category.


The Helen Burgess Education Award is sponsored by the Central Institute of Technology. It's for educational institutions such as schools (private, public, primary and secondary), Registered Training Oganisations and universities.

Typically, the sites would support the ongoing business of education and recruitment of prospective students, as well as supporting current students and staff.

User experience, accessibility and content are important criteria.


Culture & Events

The category includes events, conferences, festivals, the Arts and sport.

Content, visual design, user experience are important criteria.


Sponsored by event and project managers, Partner & Prosper.

Not for Profit

Candidate sites can be Not-For-Profit organisations, non-government sites (NGOs) or industry associations. 

User experience, visual design and content are important criteria.  Matching the style and utility of the site to the purpose of the organisation is also important.


Sponsored by Eduka; web designers and experts in the volunteering sector.


This category is for those who innovate and push the boundaries of what the web can do.

It must be something different; new or not, not just run-of-the-mill.  This category includes online applications.

Entrants will be judged on their innovative idea, technical expertise and design & development.


Sponsored by Australia's largest web conference, Web Directions.

Social Media

This new category recognises the increasing importance of social media marketing.

Entrants are encouraged to provide real-world business metrics but those will not be disclosed without the entrant's written agreement.

Criteria includes engagement, strategy, how well structured the campaign was, how well it was measured, and critically, what results were achieved.


The platform could be Android, iOS or Windows Mobile on a smartphone or a tablet.

If you've provided a responsive or customised mobile implementation of your site, you can submit in this category as well as one of the “desktop” categories. 

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