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124 Shoes Website

Category: Commercial
Entrant: Relab Studios
State of Entry: VIC

124 Shoes is an Australian retailer that provide a unique artisanal experience for shoe lovers, with hand-selected collection of meticulously crafted footwear for men and women. Relab was presented with the opportunity to redesign and develop their new eCommerce site. Other than retaining brand integrity, the key challenge in this project is a full functional integration with an existing in-store POS system - Vend - as well as customer databased housed in a completely separate systems (legacy systems and Mailchimp as email platform).

The objectives to the project were:
a. Friction free user experience to allow best practice user-focused design and navigation
b. Tailored user interface design supporting 124 Shoes’ brand essence and position, that is more sophisticated, resulting in a web-savvy look for the entirety of the web site
c. An eCommerce Platform and Content Management System allowing Vend POS integration and maximum functionality value through off-the-shelf Out of The Box modules for minimum spending
d. Get a diverse audience excited about 124 Shoes
e. Educate audience about 124 Shoes value and offering
f. Increase usability of site across mobile, tablet and desktop (responsive/adaptive solution)
g. Increase returning customers to 124 Shoes website and channels
h. Ease site maintenance by utilising available off-the-shelf apps provided by Shopify and Vend POS
i. Improve data capture opportunities where possible

With the ongoing involvement of the product owner, we came up with a workflow designed as a solution to long term management of the website. An open source platform that is on budget and complies to the “must have” key business integrations. Throughout the process, objectives were constantly cross-checked with aims to plan for the big picture. We also formed a development team of specialists in the selected CMS platform was formed specifically for the project. The challenges found in the project were expectation management and risk mitigation around third party platform integrations and customisations. However, between the product owner and Relab team, these were managed well. The results were record Sales only in the first few months.

Client testimonial:
“Relab not only produced a wonderful product but also guided us through making the product work. Great user experience, responsive layout and extremely dedicated team that were committed to delivering a website that represents our business and we’re proud of.”

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