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Category: Not for Profit
Entrant: Chromatix
State of Entry: VIC

The Australian Association for Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy is a multidisciplinary national professional body for health and other professionals interested in the practice, research and training of established and emerging evidence-based behavioural and cognitive therapies.

The requirements of the project were to:
- A clean and professional design consistent with AACBT’s new branding and organisational values of evidence, quality, collegiality, diversity, intellectual rigor, inclusiveness, scientist-practitioner, fun and encouragement.
- The website to house all of the organisations’ memberships and membership registration details.
- The website to manage payment of all of AACBT’s events.
- Migration of all content and user database from the previous AACBT website.
- Deliver a responsive website that performs exceptionally on mobile devices.

The primary target audience are health professionals. Secondary target audience are education and welfare professionals.

Technical highlights
- Multiple technologies utilised to meet the project brief.
- Custom CSS and SVG animations.
- Dynamic content rendering.
- jQuery JS and less Framework utilised for front-end animations, dynamic content and user interface.
- Customised subscription Wordpress plugin utilised for membership registrations and membership custom grace period.
-Extended and customised WooCommerce platform to meet event pricing variation and custom display of event pricing.
- Custom built newsletter email functionality with custom built filtering functions to target sending of newsletter to user database.
- Custom built reporting functionality and integrated into Wordpress CMS.
- Custom built MYOB integration.

- The back-end aspect of the project required a large amount of resource, as it basically managed all of AACBT’s memberships, events and newsletters in the one product.
- The custom nature of all the project’s membership, events, newsletter and e-commerce requirements meant we had to spend a large amount of time exploring these requirements with the client to ensure the final product was fit for purpose.
- MYOB integration was a challenge due to the limited support for MYOB Developer API.
- Deploying the website with a seamless transition from its predecessor was necessary due to users purchasing from the website. Additionally we had to ensure no data was lost during the transition.

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