Award Nominations


Category: Commercial
Entrant: Luminary and Allnex
State of Entry: VIC

Allnex is a global manufacturer of industrial coating resins. In September of 2016, the company merged with Nuplex, another chemical resins manufacturer. At the time, the two companies kept their websites separate due to the vast number of products both companies offered. Following the merger, Allnex approached Luminary to help bring the sites together.

The consolidated site needed to provide an interactive product finder to showcase in excess of 1500 products, across more than 90 industries. Serving such a broad range of industries, and with customers often seeking products with extremely specific use cases, the product finder needed to be able to filter the products according to very granular requirements. It also needed to be able to deal with different products being available in the various regions. To add a further layer of complexity, the site needed to be available in at least three languages (English, Chinese and Portuguese).

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