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ANZSOG responsive website

Category: Innovation
Entrant: Butterfly & ANZSOG
State of Entry: VIC

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The Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) is for people working in the public sector, who want to advance their career and create public value.

The new ANZSOG website delivers information about academically grounded learning opportunities and open access to academic research. Unlike universities and RTOs, ANZSOG’s programs and website is designed to specifically cater to the public sector and offers high quality design and an engaging user experience.

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Previously ANZSOG had multitudes of information available online, split across several micro sites. These research findings, case studies and programs were available, but difficult to access. Butterfly worked with key stakeholders across the organisation to create one responsive website that houses all of the information on a single platform, cleverly categorised using tags to encourage more browsing and deeper engagement with content.

This website transformation helps demonstrate ANZSOG as thought leaders, with a wealth of information readily available for the public sector.


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