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Beneath the Waves

Category: Government
Entrant: Periscope Pictures, Hungry Sky & Western Australian Museum
State of Entry: WA

Beneath the Waves-Chapter 01

Beneath the Waves is an interactive documentary experience, that explores the Kimberley marine environment. It was produced by Periscope Pictures and developed with Hungry Sky, using WA Museum survey content and funded through ScreenWest. The project offers users the opportunity to follow museum researchers as they explore untouched reefs and the waters of the remote Kimberley, one of the world’s last great marine wildernesses. The survey of the Kimberley was made possible through Woodside funding. The documentary is publicly available on the WA Museum website.

Beneath the Waves-Explore Mode-01
Beneath the Waves-Explore Mode-02
Beneath the Waves-Map Mode-01
Beneath the Waves-Map Mode-02
Beneath the Waves-Species Profile-01
Beneath the Waves-Scientist Profile-01
Beneath the Waves-Fun Fact-01

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