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Category: Not for Profit
Entrant: Clever Starfish
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Bikelinc is a product fit for purpose. In WA bikes are being stolen at an alarming rate and there’s no way for both WA Police and WA community members to help return a bike to an owner. The objective we were tasked with was to create a way that bike owners could register their bike so that if found, it could be returned to them. We wanted to build a site that would not only empower Police but would also enable community members to look up a serial number and see if the bike has been marked as stolen* and contact the owner to get the bike back to the owner. If the bike is registered and stolen, they can message the owner through the website and leave their details for the owner to get in touch!

*it doesn’t identify if the bike is registered if it’s not marked by the owner as stolen to prevent misuse of the system to check if bikes are registered.

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