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Bold Park School

Category: Education
Entrant: Bold Park Community School
State of Entry: WA

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BPCS is an independent community school in Wembley offering a unique learning experience for children aged 3–17. The school takes inspiration from several educational philosophers and has developed a reputation for education innovation and outstanding results in a range of measures, not just academic scores.

They needed to rejuvenate their website, restructure their content and update their messages to better reflect the school, people and programs.

The primary aim was to;
- Increase enrollment across all schooling programs so that there is a wait list.
- Encourage more engagement to re-educate and inform people in WA that the school exists and is a great opportunity for their kids.
- Educate the market (particularly prospective parents) on the value of BPCS’s ‘alternative’ approach to schooling.
- Define what parents are paying for and why it’s more valuable than traditional ‘high end’ or private schools.
- Reinforce the value of the school to existing parents.
- Further entrench the school’s reputation as a leader in education methods.
- Provide a place to publish news and articles for parents and other educators to keep up to date with what is happening at the school.

The key messages to communicate are:
- This school is different. It’s the school you wish you went to.
- We’re a modern leader in education techniques.
- We do the Australian curriculum, but we go further.
- Children thrive here. (And they love being here.)
- We’re not just a primary school.
- We have extensive professional development programs that are inward and outward looking.
- We produce well-rounded and high achieving people—teaching them how to be good humans, not just how to do math.

This message needed to be in a voice that is;
- Knowledgeable and informed
- Friendly & understanding
- Practical, engaged and vibrant

Working on this project was such a pleasure. As well as designing the site, we trained all staff and a selection of students on how to write, edit and share content and stories on Facebook, Twitter and the website.

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