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Canine Connect

Category: Startup
Entrant: David Walker
State of Entry: SA

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Canine Connect is a startup dog training and obedience company in South Australia, run by Scott McGuinness. The Canine Connect website is designed to act as a first port of call for Canine Connect’s potential clientele when researching dog trainers.

The website houses all you would need to know to decide to go to Canine Connect with your troublesome pup, as well as plenty of helpful guides and tips that help solve the common problems associated with dog ownership.

Much like looking for hairdressers or restaurants, researching dog training is something often done on lunch breaks, on public transport, and other times when hands are idle. Because of this, being mobile and device friendly was a real priority for Scott. The website was built to be mobile friendly, working great on everything from desktop computers down to iPhones.

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