Award Nominations

Carers WA

Category: Small Business
Entrant: Bam Creative
State of Entry: WA

Bam Creative worked together with Carers WA for the redesign of their website to better connect with their target market, as well as reflect their recent branding changes. The objective was to produce an informative website to showcase Carers Association of WA’s services for the target market, which is carers aged over 26 located in Western Australia.

One challenge that we faced in the development of the website, was having to adhere to the strict Carers WA branding guidelines. The style guide was incredibly detailed, with a specific set of rules for the required elements on their website, down to the layout, elements, fonts and colours used in the navigation. Finding colours that met the necessary colour contrast WCAG 2.0 guidelines with the brand colours proved to be difficult. Bam Creative’s solution was to use large font sizes to meet the WCAG 2.0 AA 18px+ requirements.

Due to the sensitive subject, our aim was to reduce cognitive load and to assist those in finding the information they were looking for, quickly and easily.

We worked on breaking up the supplied information in relative areas, to reduce the need to comprehend the information. The original concept guideline showed many areas all combined in old-school “above the fold” style, which would have forced the user to breakdown and comprehend the information and it would have taken them longer to process the information and locate what it was they were looking for.

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