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Clipsal by Schneider Electric

Category: Medium-to-Large Business
Entrant: Agency name only
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Clipsal by Schneider Electric is a leader in the electrical accessories market. The company wanted customers to have a seamless and valuable website experience and needed a website revamp to properly showcase its range of offerings. Luminary designed and built a website for Clipsal in 2013. Since then, much has changed in the way people use the web and it was time for the site to evolve. A comprehensive UX review of the existing site revealed what was satisfying users’ requirements and what was not. There were a number key findings from the review: users were indiscriminately switching between the trade and home-owner targeted sections of the website; the audience selection page (trade v home-owner) had a high bounce rate; site flow was complex and non-standard, it was not responsive to different screen sizes and product detail pages were unnecessarily complex. Having developed the original website for Clipsal as well as providing a range of other successful digital services since, Luminary was well positioned to take on this new challenge.

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