Award Nominations

Cockburn ARC

Category: Government
Entrant: Alyka
State of Entry: WA

Accessible websites are frequently dull, dated and have a limited interaction dynamic range. Cockburn ARC is different - we dare you to find a better looking AA compliant website. It’s the perfect outcome of great accessibility, great usability and seamless technical integration.

The website was independently audited for AA compliance by the Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC). Users can use their keyboard to navigate everywhere, on menus, tabs, and concertinas. The colours are great, even if the user is colour blind or has poor vision. If a user does have poor vision, the zoom can be increased and the website is still 100% usable and accessible. If you have full vision loss, a screen reader can make perfect sense of everything. The contact details even have directions for navigating to Cockburn ARC by bus, train or car.

For the developers at Alyka, the Cockburn ARC website was a labour of love. From the outset of the project, accessibility was the DNA website. The best result is that you wouldn’t know the site is AA compliant - unless you need it to be.

Lane Availability layout example
Todays classes example