Award Nominations


Category: Not for Profit
Entrant: Media on Mars
State of Entry: WA

DADAA is a not-for-profit organisation that provides access to arts and cultural activities for people with disability or a mental illness. The arts play an important role in their lives. The arts have the ability to re-shape social attitudes. They can spark political change around issues of disability and social justice. DADAA gives people who live with disability a voice and ways to be heard.

As Media on Mars worked with the DADAA team, we learnt the power of their stories and the vision for their new digital presence emerged clearly. Their communication solutions would be accessible works of art in themselves.

The principles of art and accessibility are embedded in the DADAA site – from page layout, navigation, photography to functionality. Two photo shoots captured artistic portraits of the protagonists who personify the DADAA story and the organisation’s strength.

While most accessibility features may be imperceptible to many people, they completely transform the website interaction for people with disabilities. Creating a seamless user experience for people with and without disability, both accessing and maintaining the site became an imperative for us; not one that simply ticked the boxes of compliance with W3CAG AA.

David Doyle, Executive Director of DADAA, explains:

“Media on Mars delved deep and delivered excellence in universally accessible design. This was backed by a strong contemporary visual presence that reflects the diverse communities and audiences we work with. Our brand is now stronger and more targeted to our audience, which has made us more relevant to the communities we serve.”

In parallel with everything digital, accessibility is an ever evolving field. We seek continual feedback to ensure we continue to improve the accessibility and user experience of the DADAA site.

To understand the impact of creating a good user experience on an accessible website, see our case study video: