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Dairy Pasture Consumption Calculator

Category: Innovation
Entrant: Wave Digital
State of Entry: VIC

DEPI (now DEDJTR) commissioned Wave Digital to take an Excel-based calculator for dairy professionals and make it accessible for users on iPad and desktop devices. This was a joint initiative between DEPI and Dairy Australia who formed a Dairy Knowledge Management team that worked directly with Wave Digital on the project.

ECODEV knew that a modern web application with an intuitive interface would provide a much better user experience than the previous Excel system.

ECODEV worked with Wave in defining the user roles and how they were likely to use the web application.

Wave ran the project in a strictly agile manner; releases of working software were sent frequently to the client for feedback and signoff. Our password-protected staging environment proved really useful in engaging with a broad range of stakeholders from ECODEV and Dairy Australia.

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