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Department of Health WA - Interprofessional Learning website

Category: Education
State of Entry: WA

The Interprofessional Learning website was developed for Department of Health WA and was designed to help prepare all health professionals - be they students or beginning clinicians - for working together.

The website consists of six modules and is designed with the intention of developing communication, collaboration and problem-solving between health professionals in the workplace. Each module consists of problem-based learning scenarios that encompass some challenging patients that clinicians could expect to encounter as part of their practice.

This website is an individual, self-directed course that can be completed as a whole training package or in separate modules. For health professionals, module certificates of completion are generate and can be used as part of professional development portfolios.

Each module contains learning activities, reflection activities, and a multiple-choice test at the end. At the completion of each module, users must achieve a minimum of 80% in the test to be eligible for a certificate of completion. Each test can be repeated as many times as required.

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