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Duncan Basheer Hannon

Category: Commercial
Entrant: atomix
State of Entry: SA

Duncan Basheer Hannon (DBH) is a widely respected and successful South Australian law firm, renowned for the depth of their expertise and the breadth of speciality within their practice. They operate under four specialist brands, all of which had their own separate websites. atomix was engaged to deliver a single website for all of their brands to generate more traffic and position them as thought leaders in the legal industry.

To get to where DBH wanted to be, we needed to offer more than just a website. We proposed an ongoing life cycle, from strategy to initial build to ongoing relationship,  where we focus on continually optimising conversion opportunities. Part of our conversion optimisation focus depended on starting the critical process of generating engaging content, especially on social media. We also wanted to set up extensive analytics tracking so that we can make sure that we can see exactly what parts of the website were achieving goals and which ones could use work.

To give visitors a better user experience no matter what device they came to the website on, atomix consolidated all of DBH’s specialist divisions into a single responsive website. While this was going on, a comprehensive SEO strategy was developed to quickly and organically raise the site’s ranking. Existing backlinks were checked and redirected to equivalent pages on the new site.

Ongoing A/B testing on their homepage and contact pages continues to improve the way people see and interact with the website, and the ‘Ask a Question’ page has become the most successful part of the website. Letting the audience take the lead in content generation has turned out to be key in the success of DBH’s updated online presence.

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