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Elephant in the WheatBelt Microsite

Category: Not for Profit
Entrant: RAC Digital and Creative Services
State of Entry: WA

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Elephant in Wheabelt Desktop

The Elephant in the Wheatbelt microsite is the primary digital asset which forms part of a broader awareness campaign, initiated and funded by RAC, which aims to raise awareness of the high road fatality rate within the Wheatbelt.  The Wheatbelt’s road toll is 11 times that of the Metropolitan region and 6 times the state average, with WA being the worst performing state in Australia.  The elephant is a symbol of the unacceptable silence and inaction on road safety in the Wheatbelt. It was built to motivate community engagement and discussion about how we can all work together as a community to help save lives on the road.

The microsite was designed, developed and project managed inhouse by the RAC Digital and Creative Services Team. 

By working with internal stakeholders and taking them on the define and design journey, the microsite audience and goals were able to rationalized. T For the Wheatbelt community, the subject of the Wheatbelt’s unacceptably high road fatality rate is like the elephant in the room and it is a subject that has proved difficult to raise - thus the microsite goal was to support the overarching campaign to create awareness around the issue.

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