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Family Law Express

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Entrant: Robert Savellis
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Family Law Express is a purpose built website designed to help separating or divorcing parents navigate the family law minefield.

Most people who separate or divorce have little or no experience in family law, and often make huge errors that can be extremely costly, and ultimately very damaging for them and their children.

For this reason the content on the website is aimed at self-represented or minimally represented litigants, and where possible content is there to facilitate a “do it yourself” approach to family law.

Many sample documents are provided, along with a forum for questions, and “practical” briefings (authored by law students), as well as significant decisions, with explanatory content provided to explain the precise meaning and relevance of these decisions to the people involved in family law conflict.

The website is comprised of the following core components:

• Family Law News -
• Family Law Brief
• Free Resources & Sample Forms
• Significant Court & Tribunal Decisions
• And Family Law Forum

…and all the content is underpinned by a common catchword framework, which has enabled knowledge threads through-out the site, interlinking specific issues between News & Briefings, Court decisions, Sample Documents and Forum topics, as well as providing for highly targeted search within the website, and highly targeted syndication of new content to news readers and other websites across the web.

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