Award Nominations

Fingerprint Me | Digital experience

Category: Startup
Entrant: Fingerprint Me & Butterfly
State of Entry: VIC

Fingerprint Me needed something bold and distinctive, to stand out from government and educational providers, as well as appeal to young people, parents and institutions.

Butterfly’s concept for a striking, full-screen responsive video featuring interviews with young people experiencing those exact issues, connects with our audience in an emotive and relatable way. The video introduces new visitors to the unique concept of a Youth Employment Academy by discussing the issues Fingerprint Me works to resolve.

The biggest challenge was coming up with a creative solution that would quickly communicate the unique nature of the program, in an engaging way.

Designing a site that appealed to the wide variety of stakeholders whilst projecting youth and optimism was a fun challenge to balance during the design and creative process.

Feedback from users (and client!) has been spectacular, and the organisation is off to a flying start!

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