Award Nominations

Future Pro

Category: Education
Entrant: Chromatix
State of Entry: VIC

The Future Pro website encapsulates the nature of a young athlete in all areas. From the custom video shoot to the choice of words. The site aims to show the user exactly what they are signing up for. Particular care was given to not overload the website with blocks of text but break up the information through relevant imagery.

The imagery and videos on the site are specific to the Future Pro program with minimal stock photography. The imagery is also focused on the students in a personal approach to learning allowing the users to relate to the program even further, in addition enhancing the text.

Information on the site is presented with a simple but clear voice that is built on facts and understanding. Finally, the content constantly inspires action, either to sign up or at least contact the team.

The site carries a very simple yet effective structure. The homepage is aimed to give the key information, the best bits of the program and sell on its own. Of course the user at any moment may select the Contact and Register now CTA’s in the persistent menu to finalise or find out more about attending the program - which is reflected on both desktop and responsive designs.

The navigation aims to push users into the correct area at first go. The lack of an overall programs page eliminates the need for a long scroll page and allows users to instantly connect with the program of their choice.

The beauty of the site is in its effects. Extra care was taken to keep the focus on the content that the users are currently viewing and having additional sections load on scroll. Key emphasis was made on the ability to link videos into the site at a whim to give additional insight into the program.