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GTA Consultants Website

Category: Commercial
Entrant: Blick Creative Industries
State of Entry: VIC

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Blick’s job was to evolve the GTA branding to accurately convey the company culture, scope of services, reputation, expertise and organisational goals through a totally new website. They needed it to showcase their project history, key internal stake holders and aspirations in a visually rich and interesting way.
The site uses a number of web apps to display a variety of case studies and recent projects. The Web app had to filter and select information from a number of sources, while also displaying the information is a visually interesting way.
There is also a team member profile page that is ever expanding and currently houses over 35 profiles. When clicked these profiles had to be flexible in the information they displayed, as not all profiles would have the same headings or titles.
Ultimately, the website guides users through a visually stunning journey, humanising an industry thats often seen as sterile or uninteresting.

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