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Healthy Together Achievement Program

Category: Government
Entrant: Blick Creative
State of Entry: VIC

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The Achievement Program is part of Healthy Together Victoria, a Victorian statewide prevention initiative. Its purpose is to promote health by helping organisations create healthier environments for people to live, learn, work and play. The program was launched in 2012 and boasts a membership of more than 3000 early childhood services, schools and workplaces across Victoria.

The Centre of Excellence in Intervention and Prevention Science (CEIPS) approached Blick Creative to re-launch the Achievement Program website in order to drive new registrations and importantly, convert the accreditation process – which was previously paper based – into a digital format. 

The re-launched website features three Member Only login portals where program participants (depending if they are an education institution, workplace or a health professional) manage their progress through the accreditation process and access information and resources. Within the Secure Zones, members also submit progress report forms, which are linked to a Salesforce database via an API, allowing CEIPS to review submissions and manage their large customer database. 
Another technical highlight is a web app-driven interactive Google map that shows current participants in the program. Within the Health Professional Private Member Area, health professionals are able to access more detailed information about participants, such as which Health Badges they have already achieved and which they are currently working on.

From a user-experience point-of-view, it was important to map different user journeys depending if a site visitor was coming to the website as an early childhood service, a school, a workplace or a health professional. Through several rounds of user consultation, it became apparent that both the pathway to registration and the content strategy had to be customised to suit each target audience. Some other user-focused features include the animated Achievement Program diagram on the How it Works pages animate in place as the content alongside explains the steps shown. After registration, the user is presented with a simple pop-up portal tour to guide them through their Member Area, aiding the transition from what was a paper-based process to the new digital process. 

Since launching, the site has been extremely successful showing a rapid uptake evident in the number of form submissions as well as new registrations.

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