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Heart Online

Category: Government
Entrant: Chromatix
State of Entry: VIC

HEART Online was developed and supported by Queensland Health and is maintained by the Heart Foundation of Australia. Its mission is to be the leading national web resource for health professionals seeking evidence-based information and tools that support the delivery of quality cardiovascular disease prevention and rehabilitation and heart failure management services.

The objectives of the project were to:
- Design and develop a new content structure that is intuitive to navigate, easy for users to find the information they are seeking whilst being visually pleasing in design.

The primary target audience are health professionals seeking education, assessment and rehabilitation tools to optimise outcomes in patients with cardiac disease. Patients and other users seeking the same information are the secondary audience.

Technical highlights
- Despite the lack of capability in the Expression Engine CMS, we were tasked with creating custom search functionality that searches text within PDF documents. This was accomplished through the development of a custom Expression Engine PDF text search extension.
-  Angular.js framework was utilised to achieve fluid event driven user experience for calculators.
- Due to the abundance of references within articles, ease of content maintenance in regards to reference management was critical.  We developed a custom reference system built into the Expression Engine CMS and dynamically rendered content to accomplish this.
- Custom auto-complete search capability that integrates with article headings and accordion javascript.

Special features
- Auto-complete search capability for article and PDF text.
- Top navigation bar and drop down mega-menus for intuitive access to all content.
- Content housed in accordion functionality to effectively display long articles, which cannot be separated onto multiple pages as a project requirement.
- Persistent side menu for long content, which interacts with the content by opening corresponding accordion sections.
- Auto referencing system in the Expression Engine CMS back-end for ease of reference updates for administrator users.

- To effectively display large amount of text content on single page article layouts, whilst delivering a great user experience as well as maintaining visual appeal.
- Interstate client, the entire project was managed remotely without meeting the client or stakeholders in person.

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