Award Nominations


Category: Commercial
Entrant: Bam Creative
State of Entry: WA

Heiniger has been the gold standard in shearing equipment for over 70 years, and has been in Perth for almost half that time. For Heiniger Australia, this website development was a big chance to finally provide a local base for the well-respected brand of Swiss shearing and grooming products, and their associated retailers. For Heiniger Australia this was a big chance to finally provide users with an online catalogue detailing the company’s many products.

Easy product navigation was the primary goals of the design of this website, and the website achieves this with a sleek, modern interface particular attention to user experience. In order to match customers with their closest stockists for each of the products, a custom-built stockist finder allows quick and visual filtering of a complete set of nearby outlets.

One of the challenges was the sheer number of stockists to be contained within the system. An importing function was used to import the list of over 1,700 stockists into the CMS, and clever pagination of was employed to avoid overloading the server with data requests.

Due to the range of product types and content requirements, flexibility was required with regards to how products were published and organised within the back end. The Craft CMS structure was iterated on at various points during the development with regards to the display of products until the perfect balance of flexibility and ease of maintenance was struck.

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