Award Nominations

ImpactHD (Site)

Category: Not for Profit
Entrant: Bam Creative
State of Entry: WA

ImpactHD is a health and wellbeing application designed for the Huntington’s community. This website provides information on who the app is for and how it behaves, before the onboarding process continues on the app itself. The user interface of this website takes cues from the branding of the App, which Bam Creative designed as part of the project deliverables. While individuals with Huntington’s Disease most commonly start showing symptoms between 30 and 50 years of age, it can start at any age. With this in mind, the ImpactHD site features photos of participants in a wide range of ages, and is styled to be friendly, accepting and inclusive, with no particular bias in mind.

As the primary goal of this website is to allow onboarding onto the app itself, much of the content of the ImpactHD website provides information and visual examples on how the app functions, who its intended audience is and what the benefits are. A secondary goal is to provide additional information for users who are already enrolled in an ImpactHD programme to learn more about the research that informs the app, deeper dives into specific physical exercises contained within the app, or additional wellness advice – and that’s where the blog comes in. A dedicated team member uses this to provide regular updates for website visitors to digest.

The site is deliberately simple and easy to navigate, with strong use of white-space to allow content to be easily digested, with a strong funnel leading visitors towards the primary goal of app sign-up. A fixed header keeps the Sign Up and Login buttons clearly in view as a user scrolls through the site. Upon clicking one of these links, the function of the marketing website is considered fulfilled and the user is sent seamlessly to the App itself to commence the on-boarding process.

The budget for this website was to be kept as minimal as possible, given it was just a component of the larger app funding budget which in addition to the creation of the app itself, included the production of video content by the research team and an external agency. In order to provide a familiar publishing environment for the client, WordPress was selected as the CMS to power this website. For additional flexibility when creating layouts, the Divi Builder was implemented as a cost-effective page-layout solution that could be easily learnt by the website administrators.

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