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International Internships

Category: Education
Entrant: Chromatix
State of Entry: VIC

Trophy icon National Award

International Internships are a leading internships programs facilitator in the country for over 10 years. The organisation works with students, educational institutions, commercial organisations and NGOs, to facilitate internships, study intensives, immersion and unit-based programs as well as career mentoring, professional skills development, cross-cultural communication and language training.

The objectives of the project were to:
- Design and develop a fresh new look that will appeal their diverse target audience.
- Focused on user experience of each user journey, organising the content and user interface for simplicity.
- Deliver a responsive website that performs exceptionally on mobile devices.
- To make International Internships website the standard in visual appeal of its industry.

Interns, institutions and Hosts are the three target audiences in no particular order of importance, as all three user groups are vital to International Internships. The organisation works with students, educational institutions, commercial organisations and NGOs.

Technical highlights
- Full responsive website that performs exceptionally on all mobile devices.
-  Custom SVG vector graphic animations and CSS animations.
- Randomised sidebar testimonials.
- Custom internship search functionality, integrated into Wordpress CMS back-end for ease of content editing.
- Highly customisable through Wordpress CMS back-end, through custom fields and custom templates.

Special features
- Homepage animations to create user immersion.
- Categorised navigation bar that has two sections for user specific content as well as general content.
- Persistent top navigation bar throughout the website.
- Top navigation bar and drop down mega-menus for intuitive access to all content.
- “Dimming” of content using a transparent overlay, whilst dropdown menus are being hovered.
- Randomised sidebar testimonials throughout content pages.

- Design that would be trend setting in the internships industry.
- The user interface and user experience design was a challenge due to a diverse target audience.
- Organising and separating the content in a simple, meaningful and concise fashion.

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