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Jardini International Website

Category: Small Business
Entrant: Quill Studios - Andrew Coe & Jody McDonald
State of Entry: QLD

Jardini website homepage on desktop PC

With the goal of inspiring high-end customers in the collectible aquarium fish market, Quill Studios worked closely with client Jardini International to create a website that effortlessly conveys style and luxury. After careful consideration of the niche target audience, unique products on offer, and other marketing tactics being implemented by the client, Quill Studios developed evocative content that aims to capture the imagination of potential buyers. The content directly informed the simple yet striking design: both elements work together to spark the desire of wealthy collectors. The site’s words and images are presented fluidly using a range of parallax and animated effects that delight the user.

Jardini website blog post page on desktop PC
Jardini website fish collection page on desktop PC
Jardini website fish profile on desktop PC

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