Award Nominations

John Curtin College of the Arts

Category: Education
Entrant: Guy Park, Wade Ninness & Jacqui Butler
State of Entry: WA

John Curtin College of the Arts is an independent state school specialising in the performing arts.  Because of the school’s unique specialties and needs, the John Curtin College of the Arts Intranet project was developed to provide an effective communication medium between Students, Teachers and Parents, and also integrating with existing systems to provide a unified source for information, while giving it a sleek new look and making it easy to use.

The Intranet incorporated a variety if system integrations, which included a hook into the Education’s authorisation system to allow students and teachers to utilise their schools login credentials and a plug into the schools internal calendar (CalDAV) server to provide access to the schools numerous calendars for all intranet users to see. 

The calendar served as a useful tool, given the nature of the schools’ needs to communicate not only common school events, but also events for student rehearsals and/or performance times to both students and parents.

Other facets that also made up the project included such things as content filtering, club pages, school blogs, daily notices along with a core document management system to centralise the school’s course materials.

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