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Category: Not for Profit
Entrant: Agency Name Only
State of Entry: WA

The move to a new premises and the complexity of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) motivated Kalparrin, a not-for-profit organisation with a membership of 12,000, to extend their service charter to their website. Kalparrin aims to make a positive difference in the lives of families and carers of children with additional needs through provision of information and access to practical and emotional support. Their vision is to build stronger families and supportive communities.

The primary objectives for the website redesign was to reinvigorate the organisation’s online presence, create excitement around events and provide supportive resources and information to entice new membership. They know from their research that families most want support for their child; understanding the NDIS; access to funding, resources and products; as well as a host of other needs including sibling support and carer wellbeing.

The website adheres to accessibility compliances and the content is structured for easy absorption of information and to easily find resources, particularly given the scale of information and the complexity of the NDIS. The website launches Kalparrin’s new initiative the ‘Next Steps’ program which helps families to navigate the health and disability systems, access funding, services and support - now, and as their child grows.

We saw an opportunity to use Kalparrin’s recent move to the new Perth Children’s Hospital as a way to bring together Kalparrin’s recent brand refresh and the contemporary design of their new location. This was achieved through several avenues. The professional photoshoot at the hospital involving Kalparrin kids and parents clearly position Kalparrin at its new location and illustrate real-life scenarios of children and their families receiving the support they need. We took a whole of site ethos to amplify Kalparrin’s guiding values of hope, respect, responsiveness, accountability and empowerment.

Kalparrin homepage
Kalparrin homepage