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Karrak Reach Denmark

Category: Small Business
Entrant: Open Copy
State of Entry: WA

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Karrak Reach Forest Retreat provides a unique and luxury stay in the Scotsdale Valley, a hidden gem in WA’s Great Southern. In order to keep occupancy rates consistent, the managing hosts needed a website that connected with both national and global target audiences, and quickly and effectively communicated the high quality holiday experience that they have to offer, in their very remote, unique and precious corner of the world.

Open Copy have provided an agile, robust and standards compliant platform on which to display user focused and effective content. The website showcases an inviting holiday experience, with content that is designed to capture the aspirations, assurances and inspiration, that the targeted destination shopper is seeking. 

A highlight of this website is the user experience. Holiday accommodation shopping can be an over whelming experience because the shopper has high expectations for a high percentage investment of both available money and time expenditure.

This website is geared towards delivering a fast and vivid first impression of the holiday experience being offered. The information is designed for skim reading and deeper investigation.

The content:
*Is well-written, relevant and readable
*Amalgamates engaging, story telling headlines and images
*Uses attractive, engaging visual design
*Delivers clearly desirable messages
*Substantiates messages through authentic images, and testimonials

The content innovatively combines effective, user-centric sales copy with authentic 1st person extracts, from both service providers and end users.

Challenges tackled:

To capture in the hero section of the Home Page, the key compelling advantage of the accommodation, which is not only the breath-taking, panoramic view, but also the vantage points of that view from within the cosy interiors of each chalet. 

To adequately communicate possibly contradictory value messages, to a number of possibly conflicting target audiences.

Example 1: We needed to strongly and efficiently communicate both the fun, relaxed, animal friendly aspect to the accommodation alongside reassurance of the immaculate presentation and tranquil, luxury experience of this holiday stay. 

Example 2: We needed to present the old fashioned country-welcome offered to guests by their friendly hosts, while maintaining assurance that the accommodations are secluded, and independent. Onsite help is both readily available and unobtrusive.

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