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Melbourne Girls Grammar Website

Category: Education
Entrant: Ignite Online
State of Entry: VIC

Trophy icon National Award

School websites nationally are generally cluttered in appearance and often full of hundreds of links, buttons, banners, news, footer links, menus and more that completely overwhelm the user. Our approach for the redevelopment of the Melbourne Girls Grammar website was to do the complete opposite, and strip the site back to focus on the school’s key messages, with one primary call to action on each page, to ‘Book A Tour’.

Working with the school, we aimed to create a beautiful, clean and elegant website, with plenty of white space and a real focus on typography and layout, while remaining true to the Melbourne Girls Grammar brand. The Menu on both mobile and desktop is completely custom. Developed and tested from the ground up as a simple, fresh and usable approach to easily navigate large amounts of sections, pages and content.

The Book a Tour system is completely custom designed and developed to be easily filled out and submitted no matter what device the user is on, utilising large buttons and limited data input. Submissions tie in with the internal database and email notifications and follow ups are utilised to keep the parent informed.

The focus of the website is to be the digital face of the school, for parents to discover and engage with. Existing parents have their own internal portal, so the content of the entire site is focused on educating prospective parents about the school. SEO was and is an ongoing task, as leading the rankings in Google for a vast amount of keywords is an absolute necessity. Content used in Adwords and Social media campaigns we’ve created supports the goals of the site and its message.

The site is built on Wordpress using a customised caching engine for top performance in the backend and the frontend. Using cutting-edge javascript techniques, including but not limited to ES6, code splitting and 60fps animations. We used webpack, Vue.js and TweenMax for the frontend, and our custom ‘Ignite Online API’ Engine in the backend.

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