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Minijumbuk Website

Category: Ecommerce
Entrant: Agency Name only
State of Entry: VIC

Upon the discovery on a number of user behavioural studies including Focus Group Testing and Heatmap studies, it was obvious that MiniJumbuk’s old website required a set of specific optimisation works that eventually lead into a ‘staged approach’ website redesign project.

Rewarded with the project, our teams at Relab made sure that our solutions are data- driven not just in Technology, but also in Design. To do this, we took time to study MiniJumbuk’s user behaviours through various channels that our solution was well informed. Investment was made on the analysis of data gathered from Google Analytics, including aspects such as Behaviour Flow, Site Content, Events Flow & Pages, Demographics, Browser & OS, Mobile Data, Devices Data, Language Data and Location Data – all with the aim to support a user-centric approach to our visual design proposals.

To improve user experience guideline and provide design recommendations based on actual data and analysis, Stakeholder Interviews, Heatmaps and Live User Recording data were also generated via third party software, Hotjar. Data and analysis collected over the course of 2000 views per page informed a visual design process that is meaningful and customer-focused.

Technically, we applied latest technology, using popular Javascript framework ReactJS along with headless CMS approach, giving us complete separation between back end and front end components of the work. Our integrated Design & Development strategy resulted in an eCommerce website that was well on budget, meeting the core requirement of avoiding a full back end rebuild, leveraging investment made in previous years. However, also using this same opportunity to implement decoupled CMS using RESTful API along with latest Front End JavaScript framework, React JS.

Key result highlights brought back into the business includes:
• An increase of online sales revenue buy 80%*
• Increase of returning visitors*
• 50% increase of mobile device usage* supported by a mobile-first design approach
• Implementation of React JS with Decoupled CMS offers greater brand and UX flexibility, compatibility and scalability

• Increase of site speed and active users*

* Data gathered from the first 3 months of launch

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