Award Nominations

MOBLE Website and CMS Development

Category: Innovation
Entrant: MOBLE Pty Ltd
State of Entry: NSW


Objective 1. New Website Design of
• To provide a home for MOBLE to showcase works and attract enquiries

Objective 2. Development of a new Web Content Management System and Website Builder
• To launch an Australian made Content Management System, enabling users to sign up and build their own websites. To do away with the theme approach of building websites and allow more granular control bringing features of CSS into the User Interface, for both new and advanced users.

• All Australian Businesses and Web Design Agencies


• Photography, videography and post-production by the team at MOBLE, provides a display of work that we’ve done for our clients and of our home around the Pyrmont peninsula.
• Hand coded menu navigation
The aim of the menu was to define what we do in a beautifully simple sentence. We created the following: Things | Work | Better | Together | Let’s Talk

• MOBLE Theme Builder – Users can design and build Headers, Colours, Fonts and Layouts that form the base of their CSS.
• MOBLE Editor – Visual editing with hundreds of pre-styled layouts on offer that can quickly be customised by all users. A beautiful and flexible way to create and manage content with no limitations of traditional theme templates; allowing each page to be formatted as needed. Users are controlled by CSS yet have the flexibility to drag and drop what they like into the editor. Layouts can be reused and can be customised to a granular level. The editor brings CSS into the UI giving the user as much, or as little, flexibility as they require.
• MOBLE Dynamic Widgets and Tags.

MOBLE CMS has dynamic editing which saves a significant amount of time in building and managing website widgets/modules. All content e.g. Pages, Files, Images, Menus are tagged, and any combination of tags can be selected inside widgets, to quickly pull content into your pages, without even having to edit via the page.

MOBLE embarked on a project to make available our internal CMS as a SAAS project to the general public. The aim was to bring tools that we use for ourselves into the hands of businesses and other website design agencies. We launched the beta in May 2016. We are currently speaking to clients and building out the CMS help section. The CMS is currently either invite only or available via design partners. E.g. 14,000 invites were sent out by one partner to all of its clients.


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