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National Youth Science Forum website

Category: Education
Entrant: 372 Digital
State of Entry: ACT

The National Youth Science Forum is a not-for-profit organisation that runs a number of residential programs to encourage young participants in their passion for science, and to show them the wide variety of study and career options in the field.

In December 2016, NYSF engaged the services of 372 Digital to create a website that would effectively promote their partners, activities and programs. The new website needed to be mobile friendly, provide links to their existing member portals and deliver integrated communication tools such as a newsletter subscription and an e-commerce store.

372 Digital took a bespoke approach in creating NYSF’s new online brand. Utilising an informative tone, the website draws trust from the user through an easy-to-use navigation, beautifully crafted interfaces, and a plethora of seamlessly integrated features. The website has been planned, designed and developed by the 372 team from the ground up, working closely with NYSF stakeholders to ensure all areas meet their expectations. The team went to great lengths in order to deliver a product that is easily readable and accessible, with a clean, clear and solid look and feel.

The highlight of the experience was the creative freedom given to 372 Digital’s design and development team by NYSF. This greatly improved both teams ability to come up with an elegant and effective build. The result is a robust product, built for a modern market of users, with efficient and responsive user interfaces that effectively address all of NYSF’s goals and objectives.

The challenges experienced by the development team included the large number of layout variations, which greatly affected the scale of development, as well as allowing for content management flexibility, and integration of highly customised functionality. These challenges were successfully managed in a collaborative effort by the 372 team; harnessing each individuals strengths, skills and knowledge of the work required.

NYSF website home page desktop view
NYSF website program page desktop view
NYSF shop page desktop view