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Category: Not for Profit
Entrant: MOBLE Pty Ltd
State of Entry: NSW
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Ngaoara (pronounced Nowra) is the aboriginal word for Black Cockatoo. In aboriginal culture the Black Cockatoo represents change and enlightenment and herald the coming of rain. They are also believed to be the guides and guardians of the spirits of loved ones on their journey to rest amongst the Ancestors.

We created the brand identity and logo design with a digitally drawn illustration of the black cockatoo.

We used a yellow circle to present a two dimensional appearance of a sun (located in the top right of the page). This signified the impression that the black cockatoo (in the logo) was flying upward beneath the sun. This action was to represent the black cockatoo guiding the spirits to rest with their ancestors.

When you visit the /work page, the Circles Slide Down Diagram is removed from the top left of the page. Instead the circles diagram rain down from the top left hand side of the page. This was as a reference to the good work that Ngaoara do, signifying the rains that black cockatoo brings.

It is important to mention that Ngaoara is a brand new Not For Profit only launching in 2015. The organisation is still in the founding stages and many initiatives have not yet begun (at the time of entry). We were extremely conscious to make provision for future content growth, knowing that key areas such as ‘Child and Adolescent Well Being’ and ‘Thikarrbilla Farm’ would grow into a third navigation layer in the months to come. A multi-menu allowed for unlimited growth.

A professional photographer was contacted to to supply superb images that transformed the website into a gallery of premium aboriginal photography. Home Page with Circles Diagram Open
Multi-Menu Opened from home Page
Colour Cues of body navigation
404 Let the Black Cockatoo guide you home
Contact us Page with Form. Wayne Quilliam Photography
Photography - SAHMRI Page

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