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Nicole Fitzsimons Foundation

Category: Not for Profit
Entrant: Richard Zengoski
State of Entry: NSW

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At twenty-four years young, Nicole Fitzsimons was on the brink of achieving her dream as a sports journalist with channel 9 in Sydney, before her life was tragically taken in a motorbike accident whilst holidaying in Thailand, October 2012.

The Nicole Fitzsimons Foundation and website has been established in her honour to continue Nicole’s legacy of helping others to fulfil their life aspirations.

An integral part of The Foundation is raising awareness of travel safety overseas among young Australian tourists, with a focus on the dangers of riding motorbikes in foreign countries & the importance of purchasing travel insurance before embarking on any holiday. By raising awareness of these fatal risks through presentations at local schools and community clubs, the Fitzsimons Family hopes to save other innocent families from suffering the heart ache of losing a love one to this senseless tragedy.

The Nicole Fitzsimons Foundation is also dedicated to offering financial assistance to performers & sports people who have passion and drive but not the means to achieve their dreams. We are looking for people, aged 16-25, who possess Nicole’s vivacious spirit & undying commitment towards making their dreams a reality.

They are particularly interested in helping those who have overcome hardship themselves or who are in circumstances that may be holding them back from their full potential

The website is a strong tool that assists The Foundation to get the message spread across the country.  It showcases fund raising events, schools presentation videos and more.

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