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Note Follower

Category: Innovation
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State of Entry: NSW

Note Follower is a platform for following the lives of bank notes, it supports the top twenty traded currencies world wide.

Imagine being able to search for a note you’ve found in another country and see a detailed history about how it was used and where it has been. Each note would have a rich history that would be both interesting and entertaining. As of December 31st, 2016 there are approximately 39.8 billion bank notes in circulation in the U.S. alone* and currently, we have no idea where a note may have been or how it was used before it came to be in our hand.

Note Follower is a search engine crossed with a social network designed purely for bank notes. The site allows a profile to be created for each bank note. A profile can only be created once for a given note and will show the name of the first person to add the note. If you come across a note which already has a profile created by someone else, you can post on it and add your part of the note’s story. You can also follow a note someone else has added to see any notifications about others who may post to the note’s profile page in the future.

*source: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Currency in Circulation: Volume.

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