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Category: Personal
Entrant: #NotMyDebt
State of Entry: SA

The #NotMyDebt campaign germinated on Twitter when community concern coalesced around a wave of unconnected reports of false Centrelink debts. These debts were often sizable, were allegedly incurred many years prior, and it was not uncommon for people to first learn that they had a debt when they were contacted by agents of private debt collection firms. This was, understandably, an isolating and traumatic experience for the people concerned.

The #notmydebt website is a grassroots campaign site built to raise awareness of community concern around false Centrelink debts. The website is a personal project of two individuals who volunteer their time and have built, manage and maintain the site and site content.

Site content and resources were created by volunteers. News, analysis and media releases have been collected on the site in order to maintain a curated record of media since the site was launched.

The site allows for the submission of anonymous stories to be submitted by those affected by the Centrelink debt debacle. Detailed filters allow for the searching of stories by users. Users are able to submit the dollar amount of their debt, this figure features as a running tally on the site, as well as a tally of total stories submitted; this provides visual data that add to the impact of those affected.

Using Drupal the site has been able to evolve quickly as new features and sections have been required.

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