Award Nominations

PDI 2018

Category: Government
Entrant: Agency Name only
State of Entry: NSW

The NSW Department of Primary Industries was looking for a new way to engage stakeholders and the wider community with the trends, data and insights that they provide each year about the state of the sector. Beyond the Hedge worked closely with the DPI team to bring the data to life in an interactive microsite that focussed on making data consumption engaging, succinct and simple.

The overall design leads users through a narrative about each commodity, supporting the data and ensuring it is easy to digest. The design and interactivity facilitate exploration of the data and makes key trends clear and evident. The site has been designed with accessibility in mind, including font and colour choices and adhering to WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards. The website is built into a CMS and data is linked to “live” sources, meaning the Department can easily update the graphs and content if new information becomes available.

The Department has been very pleased with the results, receiving positive feedback from stakeholders, primary industry producers, the Minister and the wider community. There has been a much greater engagement with the Department and with the data when compared to previous years and formats. Beyond the Hedge has been invited to work on the 2019 project, looking to build and expand on the success of the current site.

PDI 2018 Wine and Fisheries
PDI 2018 Forestry and Exports
PDI 2018 Horticulture