Award Nominations

Planet Broadcasting

Category: Startup
Entrant: Bam Creative
State of Entry: WA

Planet Broadcasting is an independent podcast network featuring a broad range of shows by Australian comedians. The website exposes the diverse and continuous stream content published by the many shows into a vibrant and engaging multimedia experience.

The content is the undeniable star of this website. While each show has a distinct flavour there is a plucky, subversive undertone that provides cohesion to the site as a whole. The focus on images and headings as the primary layout elements allows the language both visual and textual of any given episode to be clearly defined.

The website was written in a custom WordPress theme, with a custom flexbox layout to favour speed over the convenience of an off-the-shelf framework.  One of the fundamental requirements of the website was to provide an uninterrupted media consumption experience as users browsed between pages. To allow for continuous audio playback with the ability to replace one stream of audio for another, the standard page load behaviour was replaced with a system that dynamically loads page content upon user navigation. To mitigate possible preconceptions that media will stop playback on navigation, the playback strip hints that this is not the case, encouraging a user to commence audio playback.

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