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Radical Yes Website

Category: Ecommerce
Entrant: Agency Name only
State of Entry: VIC

Following the success of the brand, Relab was presented with the opportunity to redesign and develop Radical Yes’ new website experience. Other than retaining the brand integrity, part of the key challenge in this project was to focus only on pages related to its eCommerce shopping journey, and yet leaving other page for a later phase development (ie. Default pages and Blog pages).

Radical Yes is a modern women footwear brand for the busy and the creative. Their shoes are created to instill a spirit of independence. Shoes that cross the divide of looking sharp and being comfortable. Shoes that are designed to quickly become the every-day-go-to favourites.

The previous Radical Yes site was taken off the shelf as a Shopify template, with no bespoke approach to its UI/UX Design. Over time the old website presented a number of usability challenges, particularly on the eCommerce browsing and shopping part. Although analytics suggested the surge in mobile traffic is inevitable, the old website did not cater well for the mobile experience. This created a lot of friction in the end user’s experience.

With ongoing involvement of the product owner (client), we came up with a workflow designed as a solution to long term management of the website. Together we selected key eCommerce pages that would impact the online shopping experience and we landed the solution to redesign the Homepage, Product Listing Pages, Product Detail Pages and Search Results Pages. To budget effectively, the business decided to focus on these pages prior to getting into the next phase, which would include the rest of the other page templates.

At the core of the project, Radical Yes’ need was to increase its online performance measured by Conversion that would position the brand stronger in the market amongst its direct competitors.

Through a simple and methodical work process that was carried since Discovery all the way through to Design and Development, we constantly assess the progress of development through rigorous rounds of testing, demo and iterations, that brought us to the successful launch of the new Radical Yes website.

At the 6th month of post launch, we measured the overall eCommerce performance and saw great results:
• Add to Cart rate up 17% at 5.36%
• Checkout rate up 16% at 3.19%
• Conversion rate up 24% to 2.15% (of visits)
• Returning customers rate up 5% at 39.88%

Radical Yes Homepage and Global Navigation
Radical Yes Product Listing Page
Radical Yes Product Detail Pay