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RANZCR responsive website

Category: Innovation
Entrant: Butterfly & RANZCR
State of Entry: VIC

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) is a not-for-profit professional organisation for clinical radiologists and radiation oncologists in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. RANZCR administers training programs for admission into professions, accreditation for overseas-trained specialists, and a continuing professional development program for our members.

RANZCR’s new website moves away from having user management as a main functionality, and instead serves up the various content types in a visually appealing way. With the various content types comes a key user requirement to be able to search and navigate easily throughout the website.

RANZCR encompasses two Faculties: The Faculty of Clinical Radiology and the Faculty of Radiation Oncology. With these three brand identities to take into consideration, the brief also had to find a balance of not appearing either too much like a typical educational or medical institution website.

This was achieved through a combination of using best practice design principles, introducing an element of relatability by using real College members for the banner images throughout the website, and the addition of a visual social media feed which provides flexibility for the channels to be shown and moderation functionality for filtering.

Homepage, as viewed on desktop.
Full homepage, as viewed on desktop.
Trainees landing page, as viewed on desktop.
Radiation Oncology tagged page, with demonstration of styling and related resources.