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Red Hong Yi

Category: Personal
Entrant: Chromatix
State of Entry: VIC

Trophy icon State Award

Red Hong Yi Website Homepage

Red Hong Yi is an internationally renowned artist, whose unique talent has earned her recognition by powerhouses such as Google and Jackie Chan - to name a few. She regularly has her work featured in a myriad of top tier publications, and has an enviable social media presence, as her artworks are widely circulated and shared throughout the digital sphere.

To match the standard of acclaim and reputation that Red Hong Yi has garnered over the years was no simple feat, but we were humbled to accept the task of the digital design and development of Red’s personal portfolio. Our mantra for this project was ‘simplicity rules’ - making Red’s work the absolute highlight – therefore a strict minimalistic approach was used, allowing her work to speak for itself. This opportunity also allowed us to make the entire website an artwork in itself – adopting the level of detail and skill of Red Hong Yi herself, and transferring it throughout a fully functional responsive design platform. With pixel perfect precision in both the design and development stages, we created a holistic outcome which truly honours all virtues in the art of web design and development – effectively capturing the creative essence of Red Hong Yi in the digital platform.

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