Award Nominations

Richmond Valley Council

Category: Government
Entrant: Agency Name Only - Hicaliber
State of Entry: QLD

Our Objective was to produce a simple timeless design that guided the general public through the maze of information provided by the council for the general public. We wanted to reduce the number of direct calls to council and assist the public in creating applications, registrations and enquiries through the web site.

Our Audience was the general public or constituents of the Richmond Valley in NSW. The wide range of people accessing the website meant we had to present the most commonly requested information front and centre on the home page.

The Highlights of the website are the responsive mode navigation and content. We ensured that you could communicate with council regardless of smart device. We also ensured that when the user adds content the design of the website responds to the newly added content.

The Challenge was the massive amount of content and making sure the client could add and modify without the need for a web developer. We achieved this by using WordPress and custom development.