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Category: Small Business
Entrant: Ricki Barnes
State of Entry: WA
Website: Home Page - Magazine layout

This is a portfolio site that is designed to showcase my skills at design and development, compensating for the fact that previous projects I have done are the IP of my former employer and can’t be published as my work. The goal of the site is to engage users in what is hopefully a fun and impressive way in order to drive enquiry for my freelance business.

The site targets industries that I specifically want to work with, which are drawn from those I have previously worked in extensively, and those I would like to expand into. I’m targeting small-to-medium enterprise sized businesses whose needs can be services by a single person operation, as well as larger agencies looking for a competent, high quality overflow source.

This website offers a very different approach to presenting an online portfolio, which, while currently driven by necessity, I will probably retain in the future even as I build more projects for clients that I do have the right to publish as my work. I believe this solution to my portfolio conundrum is effective and well executed, as well as being very novel, which therefore sets my website and myself apart.

The development of the website was a huge challenge, almost along the lines of a puzzle, at times. Finding the best HTML structure to allow the most elegant CSS for the majority of the layouts, and writing the most efficient and elegant CSS possible within the constraints of a fixed HTML layout were the primary challenges. While it was a lot of work, it was also very good “exercise” to be meeting so many CSS challenges, and it definitely sharpened my skills. Contact Page - Magazine layout Home Page - Offset Masonry layout Contact Page - Offset Masonry layout Home Page - Pinboard Masonry layout Skill set Page - Pinboard Masonry layout Home Page - Feature Boxes layout Contact Page - Feature Boxes layout Home Page - Fullscreen layout Skill set Page - Fullscreen layout

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