Award Nominations

SECCA Sexuality Concepts Resource App

Category: Innovation
Entrant: Media on Mars
State of Entry: WA

The SECCA Sexuality Concepts Resource App is a communication symbol tool designed to teach sexuality and relationships concepts to people with disabilities in a safe and private manner. Although it has been designed to meet the needs and learning styles of a vulnerable group, the app is a suitable medium for any audience.

The user interface has been designed specifically with its primary audience in mind. It is accessible and easy to navigate. It is the first web app of its kind to feature over 2000 custom-drawn illustrations covering sexuality and health concepts from puberty and menstruation to pregnancy and relationships, with each illustration available in three skin tones to be inclusive of all communities.

We believe the SECCA app will become a market leader in the field of education and health all over the world.

SECCA App Lessons
SECCA App Lesson List and Lesson Screen