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Site of Hope

Category: Not for Profit
Entrant: Chromatix
State of Entry: VIC

Site of Hope Website

Site of Hope is an initiative by a dedicated group of Christians to advance the message of Hope into the world through creative, typography-focused art pieces posted on Social Media (Facebook and Instagram). With lively events held regularly for designers and artists to gather, be inspired, and make artworks in a fun and creative atmosphere – all under a common banner.

To convey these attributes, the digital platform we were assigned to produce had to embody Site of Hope’s vision and purpose, with the intention to encourage individuals to get involved with the initiative, and to build curiosity and interest for any upcoming events. A fully immersive experience was utilised, placing the user at the creative heart of the project. To achieve this, the latest web technologies were employed – with clever use of video, deep-etched imagery, CSS and parallax animations all working seamlessly to accurately portray the creative outcomes the Site of Hope team have envisioned. The user becomes no stranger to the submission process and core ideology, and ultimately are given the sense that they are a participant of the project even before they have even lifted a pen.

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