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Category: Medium-to-Large Business
Entrant: Agency Name Only
State of Entry:

Health insurance provider St.LukesHealth recognised the potential they had to support their members’ lifestyle needs through their digital platforms. The Digital Embassy worked closely with them on their website redevelopment to help fulfil the promise they made to their members: to help them live better while delivering peace of mind.

The website forms part of St.LukesHealth’s overarching digital strategy, becoming the go-to source of information and resources for members.

St.LukesHealth wanted to redevelop their website to give current and potential members a valuable and intuitive experience, making the site a more customer-centric platform. It was important that the St.LukesHealth website supported their brand and matched customer care centre experiences. They wanted to increase brand awareness, improve lead generation and conversion, and better position their products.
The Digital Embassy has worked closely with St.LukesHealth on a number of website redevelopment projects over the years, helping to ensure their continued position as an industry leader.
In the latest redesign and redevelopment, project goals for St.LukesHealth included incorporating:
• Kentico EMS Platform for e-commerce
• Location personalised Cover Selector
• HAMBS integration
• Sophisticated e-communications functionality