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Stephan Strategic

Category: Small Business
Entrant: Chromatix
State of Entry: VIC

Stephan Strategic Homepage

Drawing from their rich heritage in the field of financial planning, Stephan Strategic are an independent financial advisory firm determined to grow the wealth of all their clients since 1995. Stephan Strategic is headed by brothers Joe and James – and the digital platform we were tasked to create held greater significance as it became a reflection of their father’s legacy, who pioneered the idea of ‘financial health’ – to best diagnose a client’s situation and facilitate in boosting financial health.

The largely information based site is delivered in a clean aesthetic to maintain utmost professionalism, however there are elements of the Stephan character that are apparent throughout the website. Working closely with the Stephan brothers, their keen eye for detail and acute awareness of their target audience demands ultimately pushed our team to produce an outcome which authentically matches the Stephan ethos, with strong UX considerations made in the development of the fully responsive website design.

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