Award Nominations


Category: Not for Profit
Entrant: Bam Creative
State of Entry: WA

STYLEAID is Perth’s premiere fashion fundraising event supporting the Western Australia AIDS Council in raising awareness for HIV and AIDS.

Each year 750 guests are treated to a showcase of the best in local and international fashion, live entertainment and a specially designed three course dinner. For the 20 years since it began, STYLEAID has raised much needed funds to support programs dedicated to people living with HIV or AIDS.

Bam Creative have proudly supported STYLEAID over these past 15 years with multiple digital facets for their brand and event. This year marks the 12th handcrafted, custom designed website, created especially for the decadent event theme for the year, ICON.

To mark the 20th anniversary since the first STYLEAID event, STYLEAID had announced that they will no longer be running the event in the same format. Bam Creative was challenged with creating something unlike their previous year’s websites for the final STYLEAID ICON 2017 website. The website’s goal, in addition to promoting ticket sales for the 2017 STYLEAID event, was to reflect on the past events, show how the event had grown since its inception, and share the story of STYLEAID over 20 years.

Content was provided by the client early in the project, which allowed for the design of elaborate editorial layouts for internal pages. Materials such as past event logos, promotional materials, magazine covers, and more were sourced to develop an interactive experience that allows users to travel back in time and immerse themselves in events of the past.

Performance had very much solidified Bam Creative’s decision to go with static site generator, Middleman for development. Without the bloat of a content management system, and the plethora of framework libraries that generally come with it, we were able to optimise all aspects of the website to delivered the very best performance.

All assets were optimised for web, and lazy loading was implemented to reduce initial page load times. Transition animations between pages helped improve perceived load times, and gave the user a more polished experience.

As most of the event’s marketing comes from social media, ensuring that the website performed well on mobile and tablet devices was crucial. The use of clear call-to-actions on both mobile, and desktop helped promote ticket sales for the event, as well as helped users navigate to the relevant content.

STYLEAID ICON 2017 Homepage (Desktop)
STYLEAID ICON 2017 Past Event Page (Desktop)
STYLEAID ICON 2017 Internal About page (Desktop)